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See what readers are
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author and excerpts
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Hi, I’m Dewey Whetsell
and I’ve created this web site to consolidate news about my different projects.

1.To look into my poetry/essay book Lazarus on a Spur Line, visit

2.To look into my fire/rescue memoirs Fire and Ice, visit

3.My 3rd site is an actual web-log of events plus random ramblings. This includes
my much-visited postings about Sarah Palin. Visit

For my artistic friends
I will be offering some audio recordings in the new link. There will be MP3 audio pieces from the band (jazz or blues) as well as poetry readings, speeches and roasts.
Several of the pieces were recorded live. Visit MTA link
I know it’s a bit of a spread…those diversified interests…but I’ve been like that all my life. From the get-go, right out of high school in Muncie, Indiana, and maintaining the regional tradition of working in a factory, I continued my high school habit of cruising the chicken shacks/juke joints to play R&B tenor saxophone. As the horn man, I was the only white member of the Roy Dotson band and playing those joints was the only way a kid my age could play in bars. That neighborhood was the center of Greg Williams’ book Life on the Color Line (Plume/Penguin books 1995). Later, in Detroit, before my move to Alaska and immersion into the fire service, I played The Club Caribbean, The Black and Tan, and The Poison Apple. And I wrote poetry over drinks at the Brass Rail.


My move to Alaska,
started the 28 years as a fire chief, and 25 years as an instructor for Alaska Fire Service Training, Alaska Police Standards Council, Alaska Division of Emergency Services, Alaska Southern Region EMS Council, and the National Fire Academy. I was the recipient of the “Del Moffitt Award”, the highest award available from the Alaska State Firefighters Association. I was the president of the Alaska Fire Chief’s Association and chaired several of their committees while on the executive board for 14 years. Cordova Fire/Rescue expanded its services and responsibilities because of demands placed upon us by the residents. Within a couple of years we were providing underwater rescue and recover, mountain search and rescues, rescues in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. The Alaska State Troopers began to refer to us as “SAR Central” as our response area grew to about forty thousand square miles.Some of my search and rescues were recounted in Jill Fredston’s book Snowstruck (Harcourt books, 2005) and Spike Walker’s Coming Back Alive (St. Martin’s Griffin books, 2005). In addition, I became an itinerant instructor, traveling around the state conducting training in various aspects of the fire and rescue business.

At the same time, I organized the Fire House Jazz Band, published my first book of poetry and did numerous readings and speeches all around the state. I was a real Jeckyll and Hyde. I never veered from my fascination with the poetry of Dylan Thomas or Thomas Hardy. And when I felt the need for a mental challenge (and secretly searching for answers to the mysteries of mankind), I’d slog my way through one philosopher after another. Since my retirement, I’ve continued to provide training for numerous organizations and communities, published two more books and continued to play music in the Anchorage area.



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